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Over 300 programmes at 7 universities 

Wrocław's universities hold high positions in university rankings and have high-quality and diverse educational offer. The fields of study and specialisations on offer are constantly adapted to the requirements of the labour market and global trends. Students are provided with very favourable conditions for gaining experience through internships in well-known international corporations. Start your studies in one of the largest academic centres in Poland right now!


Choose your future profession

At our public and private partner universities you can study the most popular majors. The universities always adapt their offer to the current trends on the labour market, whose graduates are always in demand and valued by employers. And the study programme is based more on practical knowledge

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Recruitment algorithm 

The recruitment process is easy: choose your major, register in our project, send the required documents to the university electronically and wait for the university's decision. And if you have any questions - contact us and we will help you

Why Study in Wroclaw?
Which programmes can you study?
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Why Wrocław?

The city at the heart of Europe

You only have to look at a map to see that Berlin, Prague, Vienna or other European capitals are within easy reach. The interweaving of many cultures, brought from all corners of the world, can be felt here.

A city of success

Investments by renowned and international companies in the city confirm the good business climate reported by the Financial Times

High quality of life

It is associated with dynamic economic growth, foreign investments, development of the business environment and education of specialists in accordance with the needs of the labour market

The meeting place

Wrocław - a city that unites and inspires. There is no time for boredom here. On the Market Square life pulsates day and night. Cinemas, theatres, the opera - everyone can choose according to their tastes.

Academic centre in Poland

Wrocław - one of the largest academic centres in Poland. Of the 630,000 inhabitants of the city, 130,000 are students who study at 28 universities.

Career prospects

Unemployment in Wrocław is around two per cent. Well-known international corporations invest here: Credit Agricole, Credit Suisse, Google, Whirpool, Siemens, Capgemini, Toshiba, Volvo, LG, etc.

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A short report from exhibition in Shymkent. Today is the second day of a 4-day International Education Fair 2022. And on Monday we will meet


Study in Wrocław

Wrocław offers unique perspectives for international students. Find out all about studying in Poland now. Search for your dream majors and take part in the 2022/23 recruitment.