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Wroclaw it is...

Strong and diversified economy

Foreign investors have left more than EUR 3.62 billion in our agglomeration in recent years alone. Wrocław is a dynamically developing city, which every year becomes more noticeable on the map of Europe in terms of economy. The capital of Lower Silesia is considered one of the most business-friendly cities in Poland

A city driven by innovation

Innovative universities, state-of-the-art research centres, which are constantly being awarded both at national and international level, and many projects are successfully commercialised. And all of this so that companies have the right conditions to develop their innovative products, integrate science and business, so that as many innovative inventions as possible are made, so that the city makes use of its potential and continues to successfully strive to strengthen its position on the global market

Strategic location and connection

Wrocław - a city that is located in the very heart of Europe. It is enough to look at a map to see that Berlin, Prague, Vienna or other European capitals are within reach. The city has a well-developed railway infrastructure, which makes travelling both within the country and abroad easier. And from Wrocław airport you can fly to 64 destinations in Europe and North Africa

A vibrant city

Wrocław is vibrant at night. Passing the University Square, you enter a world that never sleeps and where the people of Wrocław party till dawn. There are many places that are worth visiting only after dark, when they gain character. It's a place where you can't get bored - sporting events, festivals, cultural happenings. And you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a good time in the City of a Hundred Bridges

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Talented and skilled professionals

High-class professionals and managers speak with one voice: if you want to move, move to Wrocław! For two years in a row, the capital of Lower Silesia has been recognized by them as the most attractive place to work in the country. Rankings show that those who graduated from Wroclaw universities are among the best paid graduates. A contemporary symbol of innovation and success. It is associated with dynamic economic growth, increasing foreign investments, development of the business environment.


Developed real estate market

The real estate market in Wrocław is well developed and gaining popularity: excellent location, a lot of greenery around, developed infrastructure, wide range of flats from the primary market as well as from the secondary market, make Wrocław flats more attractive. And offers to rent or buy property are growing by the day

Ideal for foreigners

Many cultures have been merging in Wrocław for centuries and this has not changed today. The city is attractive not only to tourists, but also to people from abroad looking for new educational or professional opportunities. Therefore, many organizations supporting foreigners have been established