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Study in English

In order to study in English, two things are necessary:

  1. confirm your knowledge of English in an examination at the university;
  2. confirm your knowledge of English with an international certificate at a level no lower than B2.

Advantages of studying in English:

  • Continuous study of English – in the first years of study promotes fluency and, as a result, high competitiveness in the labour market. If you intend to work in an international company – you have to reckon with the fact that even a secretary must have an adequate level of English.
  • Almost all international students study in English-language programmes, which helps them find friends from all over the world and significantly broaden their horizons, adapt to international communication and make useful contacts.
  • If you want to participate in exchange programmes like Erasmus, then English is your best friend. Because you must to prove knowledge of English.
    If you have long thought about studying abroad and don’t have time to improve your Polish language skills, but you speak English well – then you can start studying in English.

Disadvantages of studying in English:

  • The first and most important disadvantage is the cost of studying on an English-language programme, which is twice as expensive compared to the same programme but in Polish.
  • Do not forget that you will be living in Poland, where the national language is Polish. Therefore, when coming to this country, you should understand that every employer (international company, public or private) will require you to speak Polish first and foremost. This means that in addition to adapting to a different environment, studying material in English, you will also have to learn Polish on a communicative level.

The cost of studying in English depends on the status of the university (private or public) and the specialization you choose. In general, the prices of English-language programmes vary on average between 2 and 4 thousand euros per year.