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Scholarship programmes

Most secondary school graduates and students from Eastern Europe think about studying in Poland. Why Poland?

Firstly, Polish universities offer high quality education and a European diploma after graduation, which is recognised in the European Union.

Secondly, Poland offers a whole range of scholarship programmes (both for holders of the Polish Charter and for those without it): from state-funded scholarship programmes (usually financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education) to initiatives offered by local institutions (city councils, public academic centres, etc.).

List of scholarship programmes

  • One of such local initiatives is the “Study-in-Wroclaw” programme – the first non-commercial programme initiated by the city and Wrocław universities in 2006. As the project is non-commercial, no fees are charged to participants. Candidates receive qualified consultations from the project’s specialists during the recruitment process and during their studies, the opportunity to take part in free and high-quality studies at the best public and private universities in Wroclaw.
  • The second initiative of the city is Wroclaw Academic Centre, which carries out its innovative projects aimed at supporting cooperation between the spheres of higher education and science, business and local government, to engage more deeply and make better use of the potential of universities for the development of Wroclaw, creating conditions conducive to cooperation between science and business. Everyone can find a project or initiative according to their taste and interests.
  • The third initiative is state-funded programmes and grants. Most such programmes are implemented by the National Agency for Academic Exchange, which supports academic exchange at the international level, spreads the offer of Polish universities and promotes Polish higher education. The Agency carries out programmes for Polish students, foreign students, researchers and doctoral students, as well as several programmes for the study and promotion of the Polish language.

Academic exchange programmes

In addition to the above categories there are academic exchange programmes: Erasmus and MOST.

  • Erasmus is an exchange programme for students, lecturers and researchers from EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway and Turkey. The programme gives the opportunity to study, do internships and teach in another country participating in the programme. The European Commission has described Erasmus as a very successful EU education programme and an important tool in the fight against youth unemployment. Studies and internships last from 3 months to 1 year.
  • MOST – student mobility programme under which students and doctoral students may study for one semester or one academic year at one of twenty Polish universities. A participant may take advantage of the programme for a maximum of two semesters, provided that they have completed one semester at their home university. A student or a doctoral student may go for one semester twice to two different universities.