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Sworn translation

When applying to a Polish university, every foreign applicant should have the necessary documents “correctly” translated into Polish.

A sworn translation is a professional special translation with a stamp, made by a sworn translator – a language carrier and Polish citizen registered in a special list of the Ministry of Justice.

How can I find a sworn translator?

A sworn translator is authorised to translate procedural and official documents and to certify foreign language copies of such documents, and may certify translations and copies made by other persons. A special stamp is used to certify translations, which includes the translator’s name, the language for which he is authorised and his position on the list of sworn translators. Sworn translations have the force of an original and are accepted by all institutions in Poland.

In the list of sworn translators (you should choose the language from which you are translating, voivodship and city in which the translator is wanted).

The estimated cost of a sworn translation is 30-35 per page (1125 characters with spaces).

If the translator agrees, he can approve a translation done earlier, the cost of which is lower.