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In order to receive free medical care, we recommend that you take out health insurance in Poland. This can be done at the national health service – the National Health Fund (NFZ).

A student who has signed an insurance contract and pays contributions on time, is entitled to receive medical care within a certain range on the territory of Poland in points which have a contract with the NFZ to provide medical assistance (in such hospitals or clinics there is an appropriate sign with the inscription NFZ).

The monthly contribution is PLN 46.80. When you go to the doctor’s, you need to bring a copy of your contract with the NFZ, as well as a form to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and a confirmation of payment of contributions for the last month.

How do I sign a contract with the NFZ?

  • Go to the appropriate branch of the NFZ – Lower Silesian Branch of the National Health Fund, Insured Service Centre (2 Dawida Street, 50-527 Wrocław, tel. 71 797 91 32). You should have the following documents with you:
    1. document from university confirming that you are a student
    2. student card
    3. passport
    4. on the spot – fill in an application form for insurance.
  • Come to the branch on the day designated by the NFZ to sign the voluntary insurance contract.
  • After signing the agreement, register within 7 days at a branch or inspection of the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), submitting a ZUS ZZA form. ZUS branch (depending on where you live)

You can also insure yourself in private insurance agencies. You can choose any package of services depending on your needs and financial possibilities.