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Polish language courses

Some universities run preparatory courses, for example Wroclaw University of Technology or University of Wroclaw, about which you can read in this article. These can be semester, monthly or yearly courses.

Yearly preparatory courses for foreigners will be useful for future students whose knowledge of Polish is insufficient, for those who want to learn more about Polish culture and traditions.

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

At the Wrocław University of Science and Technology there is a one-month summer course for people whose level of Polish is A2, so it is possible to raise the level of Polish to B2 and it is certified by an appropriate certificate. 110 hours of Polish language plus integration trips, you will visit museums, popular places (e.g. Water Museum, Pan Tadeusz Museum). People will live in the dormitories of the Polytechnic.
The annual courses run from October to June. Number of classes: 600 hours of Polish language per year, 5 times a week for 4-5 hours each.
Such courses are held on different levels: from A1 to B2. Students acquire basic skills, the ability to understand the Polish language in speech and writing, the ability to read and write, writing various types of texts. In addition, students have classes in Polish culture and history, various excursions.
At Wrocław University of Science and Technology students also take classes in specific sciences (it all depends on the chosen specialization and needs): mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, chemistry, geography, social sciences, etc. The course ends with a written and oral exam in Polish and the subjects of your choice.

University of Wroclaw

At the University of Wroclaw, 150 hours are dedicated to specialist vocabulary related to your future field of study. And if you plan to study at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences – you have another 20 hours for specialist classes.
The programme of language courses at the University of Wrocław:

  • listening (preparation for understanding academic classes)
  • reading comprehension (preparation for independent work with academic texts)
  • writing (e.g. ability to write a lecture)
  • conversation (conversation in formal and informal situations, communication in seminars, presentations)
  • vocabulary (according to the planned fields or professional activities)
  • Polish pronunciation.

The cost of such courses varies from 1500 to 4000 euros per year. The cost depends on the number of hours, activities and enjoyable applications such as language lessons, excursions, classes in specialised subjects, free vouchers for entrance to various institutions such as museums, clubs, zoos, etc.
The cost of English language courses will be more expensive compared to Polish language courses. There are no discounts for such courses, except for holders of the Card of Pole and it is 30%.