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Free studies in Poland

Although higher education in Poland is considered accessible compared to other EU countries, studying for free is the goal of many foreign candidates. There are more and more opportunities to get free studies in Poland. Until now, candidates of Polish origin, i.e. holders of the famous Card of the Pole or by trying their luck in various scholarship projects, have had such an opportunity.

However, in 2019 there is a possibility to study on the basis of benefits without payment on condition that you have a certificate of knowledge of Polish as a foreign language at level C1, which is issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Polish as a Foreign Language.

Polish language on C1 level means:

  • the ability to converse fluently in Polish in everyday life, clearly formulating your own statements using correct grammatical patterns,
  • easily choose the right words in spontaneous situations,
  • understand long speeches, identify their hidden context,
  • knowledge and correct use of grammar: conjugation of irregular verbs, correct choice of pronouns, synonyms,
  • speaking and writing in an official and unofficial style.
  • taki egzamin można zdać w specjalizowanych placówkach, które posiadają licencję na przeprowadzenie takiego egzaminu. Egzaminy się odbywają w Polsce, Ukrainie, Rosji, Białorusi, Włoszech, USA. 

Such an exam can be taken in specialized institutions which are licensed to conduct such exams. Exams take place in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Italy and the USA.

Both Poles and foreigners may take the certificate, the only limitation being age. Adults can take the B1, B2 and C1 exams, children and minors can only take the A1-B1 level.

Free study is also available to persons who:

  • have a residence card,
  • are refugees,
  • husband/wife of a Polish citizen.
  • scholarship programmes / initiatives of the city or university