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Security in Wrocław

It is worth remembering the basic safety rules, after all, in the cities of Poland, as in any other country, there are high-risk districts. It is dangerous to carry large sums of money and documents with you when you go out at night, take them to a disco or to pubs (it is worth noting that cloakrooms in some establishments are not responsible for losing valuables, except for coats and jackets). It is not worth arguing with people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In every city there are state and non-state services for the peace and security of Polish citizens and foreigners.


One of the main functions of the police is detecting crimes, searching people and premises, detaining suspects, issuing fines for illegal behaviour.

  • Police emergency telephone number in Wrocław: 997

Municipal Police

The main duty of the municipal police is to protect peace and order in public places, to defend the safety of the city and its inhabitants, e.g. combating and preventing vandalism. They have much less authority than the police and call the police when they arrest someone or when they come across a crime.

  • The emergency number of the municipal police in Wrocław is 986

Other emergency telephone numbers and hotlines in Wrocław

In case of immediate danger to health and life, call the emergency telephones:

  • Emergency number 112
  • Ambulance 999
  • Fire Brigade 998
  • Information point for foreigners 71 77 24 950
  • Helpline for children and young people 116 111 (freephone)
  • Helpline of the Children’s Rights Ombudsman 800 12 12
  • Police Helpline – 0800 283 107
  • National Health Fund in Wrocław infoline 71 194 88
  • Lost Property Office 71 376 08 96