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Where to live?

There are several options for a student:

  • The most comfortable and cheapest option is a dormitory. Rooms are mainly for 2 people and cost from 300 to 500 PLN per month per person. There is also the possibility of a single room, which will cost more – from 500 zł, but is cheaper compared to renting a room in a flat.
  • The cost of renting a room in a flat for a student in Poland depends on the city, the distance from the university, the living conditions and the number of people in the room. The minimum cost of a room in Poland is 400 PLN (provided that the room is for several people).
  • The third option is to rent a separate flat. Two- and three-room flats are rented mainly for 4-6 people. The cost of a two-room flat is 1500 PLN. Despite the relatively high costs, foreign students are increasingly choosing flats – which makes them feel more independent.