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Work and study

Most students intend to take up a job right after entering university to improve their financial status, to help out their parents or to travel in their spare time.

Rule number one: Students can work in their free time: often students look for jobs with flexible hours or during holidays. But it is worth stressing that it is not possible to work full-time while being a student.

According to the legislation of Poland: “On the basis of a “D” visa, as it was issued on the basis of studies, a student can officially and without restrictions work in Poland without a work permit, but only in July, June and September, the so-called summer period”. If the student stays in Poland on the basis of the visa and wants to work, for example, in October or during the year, he must obtain a work permit, in case of official employment. Without a permit a student may work no more than 20 hours per week. This permit is not granted to the student, but to the employer.

What salary?

In 2018, the minimum salary in Poland was 2100 PLN/month gross. However, taking into account that students work not full-time, they do not necessarily get this amount, i.e. working 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, a student gets 1100 PLN per hand. It is usually settled according to the number of hours worked. The minimum wage in Poland in 2022 is 18,30 PLN per hour/gross.

Where can I work?

During your studies you can work in such positions as: surveying, working in restaurants, pabas, bars, call center, tutoring, paid internships.