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Job prospects after graduation

After graduating from a Polish university you will not need any declarations or permits for official employment, it is also worth noting that each graduate-foreigner gets one year of legal residence in order to look for a job.

The salary that a graduate can count on will depend on the industry, the position and the skills of the person. The average salary a graduate can count on is 1000-3000$, there may be higher earnings if the specialization is popular and narrow.

The prospects that the Polish diploma gives:

  1. it is possible to return home a competitive employee to your home country and build up a professional life or look for a job position in a highly paid and reputable company in Wroclaw,
  2. after graduation a foreigner knows 3 languages: Ukrainian/Russian, Polish and English, therefore there are more chances to find a job in an international corporation,
  3. every university has a department called Career Office, which helps not only to write your CV and cover letter correctly, but also helps to find a job within your field of study
  4. most students have the opportunity to do internships and/or placements in better international companies and usually after graduation graduates become full-time employees of such companies
  5. foreigners who have graduated from a Polish university can work in European countries without any permits