WSB University in Wrocław

The mission of WSB University in Wrocław is to educate high class specialists who have theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary for professional development and conscious participation in building Polish modern economy. WSB has been highly placed in the rating of higher education schools prepared by national magazines.


According to the Newsweek and Home & Market rating, WSB takes the first place among Private Business Schools of Higher Education in Lower Silesia region. WSB University in Wrocław is also the winner of Lower Silesia Gryphons of Western Chamber of Commerce. In 2008 Lower Silesia Gryphons were handed to seven winners chosen from 150 candidates. It was the second time that WSB University in Wrocław was honoured with this award.

The School received the award in the category of “Special Award – for Polish and Ukrainian co-operation”. This prestigious award went to  WSB University in Wrocław for the first time in 2004. The Western Chamber of Commerce granted it for “the greatest contribution to education for the benefit of Lower Silesia economy”.

The premium quality professional education at WSB University in Wrocław is guaranteed by competent research and teaching staff, their knowledge, qualification and experience. Training specializations are strictly in line with the needs of continually changing working conditions and directed to build the European education framework. An international perspective is in many ways important to our academic field of interest and to us. Organizations, public administration and the people working there are becoming increasingly international. Therefore we not only expect our students to acquire international experience by going abroad during their study, but we highly value students from outside Poland, in our programme, because it brings in different perspectives and experiences. We believe that exchange programs will create an unique opportunity for the students to expand their international contacts and get multicultural experience, as in the reality of European integration, understanding of different cultures in necessary to operate and to be successful on the market.

Being a student at the WSB University in Wrocław means more than just “studying”. Students may pursue their interests participating in academic clubs and the student government. The School motivates students to be active by granting scholarships for leaders, WSB hike, orientation event, students’ events organized by Students’ Union, Sports competitions and events. For students WSB offer also Scientific Societies, Diving Club, Academic Sport Association (soccer, pools, chess, bicycling, bowling, snowboard and skiing).


  • Faculty of Finance and Accounting
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Tourism and Recreation
  • Faculty of Logistics

Fields of study:

  • International Business and Finance
  • Real Estate Management
  • International Business Relations
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Taxation and Public Finance
  • Financial Markets and Banking
  • Business Logistics
  • Psychology in Business
  • Marketing and PR
  • Business Management
  • Tourism Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Tourism
  • Hotel Management
  • Tourist Services
  • Production Management
  • International Logistics
  • Logistics in Business
  • Transport and Shipping

Address: Fabryczna Str. 29-31, 53-609 Wrocław, Poland

Phone: (+48) 71 376 23 68

Web site:


Faculty of Economics in Opole

2 free places on first-cycle studies  in the following fields (on the specialties taught in Polish):

  • Administration and internal security,
  • Finance and accounting,
  • Pedagogy,
  • Law in business,
  • Management

Admission Office

WSB University in Wrocław

Faculty of Economics in Opole

Augustyna Kośnego 72
45-372 Opole

tel. (77) 401 94 44/01/02/03


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