Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

WUST is the leading scientific and Educational center in Poland. Its position among technical universities in the world strengthens every year. WUST was founded in 1945 but it has over 160 years heritage in both intellectual – from Lviv University of Technology – and technological from Technische Hohschule Breslau.

About 25 000 students study at WUST and the number of academic staff is over 2100. At the university, there are numerous student organizations and associations. Students have an opportunity to develop their scientific and creative passions.

Thanks to WUST the city appears to be the capital of Polish computer science. This is partly a result of the European standards of teaching and research conducted by the university employees. The world level of scientific research and excellent equipment in laboratories result in cooperation with many Polish and foreign companies.



All of this allows you to get a degree recognized across European Union, design your study path and choose speciality, do simulating and rewarding research on new technologies such as: nanotechnology, biotechnology, telecommunications, teleinformatics and information systems, as well as gain valuable experience and technical background.

Wrocław has created a favorable ground for diversified business. It is the largest R&D centre in Poland for global companies, such as: LG, Philips, Volvo, Bosch, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Wabco, KGHM, Ryanair, Credit Suisse, BNY Mellon, Google, IBM.

WUST ’s Career Office prepare students and graduates to enter the labor market. It provides students with job or internship offers, consults CV, supports interesting projects, organizes meetings with employers, advices in trainings and workshops.

Moreover, WUST has contacts with many educational and research institutions and it allows you also to go abroad, joint projects such as: Erasmus +, Student Exchange Programmes, the Double Degree Master Programme T.I.M.E, the Polish and American Fullbright Commission, DAAD, Vulcanus in Japan. Wrocław University of Science and Technology is in cooperation with 183 partners from 48 countries. All of this can enhance your future career for sure.

With wUSt – nothing is impossible!


Admission 2021/2022

„Study in Wrocław” Program at WUST:

Wrocław University of Science and Technology offers full tuition fee waiver for the first year of study for the three best participants of the „Study in Wrocław” project, who will undertake first-level studies in Polish language. After meeting additional criteria (Regulamin projektu), the project participant may be exempted from paying fees for the next semesters of first-cycle studies.

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1st of May – 9th of July 2021 r. registration on „Study in Wrocław” website.

Deadlines for October Intake

for the academic year 2021/2022 for Bachelor (first-level) full-cycle foreign candidates:

·       tuition-fee paying
·       NAWA scholarship holders
·       Particpants of the project “Study in Wrocław”

1st May
the beginning of online registration in the IRC system [1]
11th June

the deadline for:

– registering and submitting an application in the IRC system [2]

– paying the application fee [3]

– enclosing the proof of payment and submitting an application online in the IRC system for candidates applying for the field of Architecture who are obligated to attend a drawing exam

17th and 18th June
obligatory drawing exam for candidates applying for the field of Architecture
28th June
the deadline for sending exam papers for candidates applying for the field of Architecture [4]
2st July
drawing exams for candidates applying for field of Architecture results announcement

the deadline for:

–  registering and submitting an application in the IRC system 5
– paying the application fee 6
– enclosing the proof of payment
– providing all the necessary documents required at the first stage of the application process (documents regarding previous education)

untill 16th July
application results announcement for candidates applying for Bachelor Studies and participants of the project ”Study in Wrocław”
30th  July      
the deadline for tuition fee payment and for attaching the confirmation of payment to the IRC system 6 and the final university selection made by NAWA scholarship holders
15th September
the last day of confirmation of the visa appointment or arrival in the IRC system
25th September
the deadline for submitting original documents (for inspection) and paper copies of all required documents to the International Relations Office [5]
27th September- 1st October
mandatory Introduction Days

[1] The system will be opened at 8:00 AM (UTC/GMT+2:00).

[2] The system will be closed at 11:59 PM (UTC/GMT+2:00).

[3] Not applicable for participants of the project “Study in Wrocław” and NAWA scholarship holders.

[4] Only the date when the exam papers reach Wrocław University of Science and Technology is decisive, not the date of the post stamp.

[5] Registration of the meeting in the IRC system.


  • formal photo (only digital format 300*375 px)
  • passport / ID
  • secondary and higher secondary school certificate with mark-sheets legalized by the proper embassy or with Apostille
  • sworn translation into Polish or English language of documents issued in any language apart from mentioned above (including the legalized certificate/mark-sheets/other document)
  • document confirming the required knowledge of Polish or English for study purposes – medium of instruction letter / language certificate / Skype interview
  • medical certificate – only for candidates applying for the Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology, Faculty of Fundamental Problems of Technology – Technical Physics
  • declaration of not holding Polish citizenship (template is available in IRC system)
  • declaration of allowing the under-age prospective student to go to Poland for the purpose of study made by the prospective student’s parents/administrators – if applicable (template is available in IRC system)

Entry requirements

As per the university’s regulations admission to the given study programme is determined by the position in ranking. To calculate the admissions index, the grades from the prospective student’s certificate, based on which he or she will apply for admissions for studies, are taken into account. The ranking is made based on the admissions index which is calculated according to the following formula:

A= Mathematics + Physics+ 0,1xLanguage of instrucion2 + 0,1xAdditional Language3

1 In the given field of study the grade in physics can be replaced by the grade in other subject according to the following chart. To calculate the index the favourable result will be applied.

2 If the prospective student’s medium of instruction is the same as the one if they plan to take up studies at WUST, the study language gets 100 points. 

3 If the prospective student does not have a grade in additional language on their certificate the points for the knowledge of Polish/English language respectively can be calculated based on an additional language certificate (minimum B-2 level, 80 points for B-2 level and 100 points for C1/C2 level).


Faculty Field of study Subject
Biology Chemistry Geography Computer Science
Faculty of Chemistry all +
Faculty of Electronics Computer Engineering +
Faculty of Geoengineering, Mining and Geology Mining and Geology + +
Geodesy and Cartography + +
Computer Science and Management all +
Environmental Engineering Environmental Protection Technologies + +
Fundamental Problems of Technology Biomedical Engineering + +
Alghorytmic Computer Science +



Fees paid by foreigners undertaking education at first and second degree studies – admission for the academic year 2021/2022

Form of study Details

Tuition fee

per semester

Admission fee



Full-time studies with Polish as medium of instruction 1250 5750 20 85
Full-time studies with Polish as medium of instruction – the field of Architecture 1250 5750 35 150
Full-time studies with English as medium of instruction 1500 6900 20 85
Part-time studies with Polish as medium of instruction 1000 4600 20 85



Full-time studies with Polish as medium of instruction 1500 6900 20 85
Full-time studies with English as medium of instruction 2000 9200 20 85
Part-time studies with Polish as medium of instruction 1250 5750 20 85

Fees paid by foreigners undertaking education at preparatory language courses

and taking language exams in Polish or English – admission for the academic year 2021/2022

Form of study Details Tuition fee Admission fee
POLISH LANGUAGE COURSE 4-weeks – online 270 1250 20 85
1-semester 1000 4600 150 690
2-semesters 2000 9200 150 690
3- semesters 3000 13800 150 690
ENGLISH LANGUAGE COURSE 1-semester 1650 7590 150 690
2-semesters 3300 15180 150 690
LANGUAGE EXAMS knowledge of Polish language 20 85 20 85
knowledge of English language 20 85 20 85

Summer Polish language course 

If you want to learn polish language fast, our 4-week online course is a perfect solution for you.

The course covers 80 hours of Polish language. The course starts on July 5, 2021. and will last until July 30, 2021. The course is dedicated to people at the A-2 level and ends with a certified language exam at the B-2 level, enabling study at any university in Poland. Each student will receive a certificate confirming knowledge of the Polish language.

Registration for summer course: 1 of May – 29 June 2021. Confirmation of payment 290 EUR and passport should be sent via  e-mail: admission@pwr.edu.pl

Application fee: 20 EUR / 85 PLN

Fee: 270 EUR / 1250 PLN

Bank accounts’ details:
Account number in EUR (Euro): PL 16 1090 2402 0000 0001 3399 2518
Account number in PLN (zł): PL 37 1090 2402 0000 0006 1000 0434
Bank’s name: Santander Bank Polska S.A
Bank’s address: 50-373 Wrocław, ul. Norwida 1/3
Receiver: Wroclaw University science and Technology, Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27, 50-370 Wrocław, Poland
With note: Tuition fee for summer Polish language course, full name of candidate, citizenship

Student Dormitories 

Student Dormitories offer more than 2500 places for WUST’s students in 4 locations in Wrocław. There are 9 dormitories altogether. WUST can provide accommodation for students in either double or triple rooms. There are rooms in different standards with access to common kitchen, bathroom, lecture hall and laundry. More information: http://drugidom.pwr.edu.pl/. The rooms are fully furnished (bed, table, chairs, bookshelves, wardrobe). Dormitories do not provide: bedding (only a blanket), towels, cleaning supplies, kitchen dishes and utensils. The prices for the rooms range approximately from 120 to 150 EUR.

To apply for university accommodation, you need to provide this information in the IRC system. Accommodation in one of the dormitories can only be confirmed by International Office of Affairs after you inform us about your Visa meeting or arrival.


International Relations Office

Division of Foreign Students Admission and Support


+48 71 320 3170

Admission step by step

Required documents list

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