University of Lower Silesia

Within last few years University of Lower Silesia (ULS) is recognized by Perspective’s ranking as the best private university for master’s studies in Lower Silesia.


The university was founded in 1997 by the Wroclaw branch of Common Knowledge Society. Currently the ULS has 3,5 thousands students who undertake master’s studies available in 14 fields. The studies are provided in accordance with best international practices and are based on original studying programs. The University of Lower Silesia has over 60 postgraduate programs in its offer. Students as well as ULS employees have an opportunity to take part in ERASMUS + program, which enables international education and practices at over 100 cooperating universities in 24 EU countries. The ULS engages 200 employees, most of them regard ULS as their primary place of work. Among them 66 PhD’s and 46 professors. Over 31 thousand students were awarded with bachelor’s and master’s degrees within the University of Lower Silesia.

From bachelor’s to PhD

The University of Lower Silesia is one of few non-public schools in Poland which has full academic qualifications. Doctor’s studies are available in Polish, English and Czech languages. The ULS granted around 80 PhD diplomas so far.

Science and research

The university completed over 60 research, development and implementation projects including 14 international ones financed by National Science Center, National Center for Research and Development, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, etc. Total financing amount is 25 million zloty. The university conducts other projects under the following programs: Horizon 2020, Erasmus +, International Strategic Partnerships, Operational Program Human Capital, Operational Program Knowledge Education Development.

The University of Lower Silesia hosts wide range of events such as lectures, debates, international conferences and courses held by experts and professionals. So far the ULS has organized 170 science conferences, among them 48 international and 122 nationwide events, 233 seminars, 151 of which are organized on a regular basis. The university also organized 14 editions of the International Summer Schools.

Space for professional and scientific development, hobbies and interests!

Students, graduates and employees have at their disposal one of the largest non-public libraries in Poland, university bookstore, scientific publishing house, TV studio, workshops (multimedia, IT, design and photography) and modern laboratories: sound lab with recording studio and specialized motion capture studio to perform 3D animation and special effects. As part of the university, there is also an art gallery, an academic theater, Lower Silesian University of the Third Age, a Careers Office and a Conference Center. The headquarters of ULS is located close to the center of Wroclaw and is well communicated with the airport, railway and bus stations and the city’s bypass.

At the University of Lower Silesia

– We guarantee fixed yearly fee for the whole period of studies;

– We support our students and doctorates. Nearly 1,000 people receive material aid;

– We employ over 200-person team of valued professionals and experts;

– We implement socially engaged projects;

– We provide education from the undergraduate degree to the doctorate;

-We cooperate with over 100 foreign research centers from 25 countries in Europe and the United States;

– We guarantee participation in international internships and educational courses under the Erasmus + program;

– We invest in comfortable study conditions.



Bachelor’s studies

  • Education
  • Social work
  • Modern art – Design now!
  • Psychology
  • Administration
  • National security
  • Journalism and Social Communication
  • Creative media: game design, animation, special effects
  • Media design and image marketing
  • Geodesy and Cartography
  • Informatics

Master’s studies

  • Education
  • Special pedagogy
  • Social work
  • Psychology, 4 semesters
  • Psychology, 5 semesters
  • National security
  • Journalism and Social Communication

Language courses:

Intensive Polish language course

Duration of the course: (2 weeks, 10 working days)


The course includes 50 teaching hours (50 x 45 minutes)

Every day 5 teaching hours (5 x 45 minutes)

Classes are held from Monday to Friday


Language classes take place according to the following format:

Language course including all subsystems and skills

Specialized classes tailored according to the needs of students: phonetics, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary.

Costs: 450 PZL (400 PZL for ULS students).

Recruitment procedure:

Registration project “Study in Wroclaw” – Registration

I –  Documents:

  • Apostille of high school certificate/diploma and additions
  • Translation of the apostille of high school certificate/diploma and additions
  • Photocopy of a foreign passport
  • A copy of the current Visa / Residence Card
  • Picture 3.5 * 4.5
  • Medical certificate

II – Registration online:

III – Applications: free Polish language course for ULS students. Booking a place in a dorm.





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