Wrocław University of Technology

Admission documents:

  • Scan of matriculation certificate (atestat + Appendix) and translation.
  • Scan of Bachelor degree (bachelor’s degree + Appendix) and translation (candidates to study secondary education).
  • Scan of foreign passport (page with photo and data).
  • Polish language certificate (if the applicant has one). For candidates in English – a certificate of proficiency in English (eg. 6 points in IELTS or TOEFL 550). Documents confirming Angielski for study at Wroclaw University of Technology.
  • Wroclaw University of Technology Application Form – PL – download; EN – download.
  • Scan of proof of enrollment fee (50 euros). *
  • CV (for candidates to study secondary education).
  • Portfolio (for candidates second degree, direction Architecture).
Account of University of Technology:

BZ WBK SA 16 Department of Wroclaw
50-373 Wrocław, ul. Norwida 1/3
PL 91 1090 2402 0000 0006 1000 0626
Order number: 452 108
quoting recruitment fee and tuition (name, country, department, course).

* The enrollment fee (the fee for the procedure relating to the adoption to study charged by universities) – non-refundable fee per candidate binding studies (check). All candidates shall pay 50 euros. If you are accepted to college subsidize 150 euros.

When you arrive at the university you must provide:

  • The original certificate of matriculation (atestat + supplement) with apostille and a sworn translation into Polish.
  • Original Bachelor degree (diploma bakaławra + supplement) with apostille and a sworn translation into Polish.
  • A medical certificate (086-у (о), without vaccination, and additional tests) and a certified translation into Polish.
  • Recent photographs (electronic, 2 boards) with dimensions of 3.50 cm x 4.50 cm (head in the position of the left half-profile, with visible left ear, while maintaining uniform illumination of the face). Image in electronic form should be of a size of 300 × 375 pixels, 300 dpi resolution and to 100kB.
  • 2 copies of the contract signed by the candidate (for candidates surcharge). The agreement is sent by email to the candidate pre-approved by the department PWr recruitment.