Admission process step by step

Admission within the project enables to attend paid studies or royalty-free based on the recruitment score.

Formal criteria for all candidates:
  • Attestation from a secondary school
  • A bachelor degree for studies 2nd degree complementary studies
  • Skills in Polish sufficient to undertake the major
Candidates with exemption from payment:
  • cannot have had completed any studies in Poland
  • cannot have the Polish Nationality Card (Polish: Karta Polaka)
  • should have good skills in Polish language
  • should have a high average of marks on their attestation (or bachelor degree for candidates seeking admission to the 2nd degree studies)
  • candidates without completed university education in their home countries shall have priority
Rules of participation in “Study in Wroclaw” Project
  1. Candidates have to fulfill all formal requirements for participants.
  2. Fulfilling all above mentioned criteria shall not automatically entitle a candidate to be admitted for studies or exempted from payment.
  3. Candidates may file their application documents for only one university/college.
  4. None of the listed universities/colleges offer royalty-free spots for external studies (except non-public institutions), PhD studies or any type of courses (1 year, 1 term, summer) in the Polish Language School.
  5. Decision regarding admission is made by each university’s or college’s recruitment committee after reviewing documents of all candidates.
  6. Admitted candidates do not receive any financial or material support from the project.
  7. Students are fully responsible for covering their expenses and royalties for accommodation.
  8. Candidates, who were not admitted with exemption of costs but do fulfill the recruitment criteria of the relevant university/college, may apply to be admitted for paid studies.
  9. All candidates are obliged to complete a test of skills in Polish language during the adaptation camp.
Criteria for assessing candidates:
  • level of Polish language skills (based on the interview or the institutions internal tests)
  • average of marks from the attestation or other applicable documents
  • final marks from relevant subjects
Interview assessing the level of Polish language skills via videoskype

Candidates are qualified for interviews on the base of completed questionnaires and documents submitted by them according to the schedule above. Project Team members prepare the interview schedule with date and hour specified for each candidate. If a candidate cannot participate in the interview at the given time due to urgent or important matters, he or she should notify the Project Team in order to reschedule. The conversation is meant conditions for the interview (sufficient lighting and quality of sound), otherwise it may be necessary to conduct the interview again. Project Team initiates the call and minutes of the interview are attached to the candidate’s documents. All documents to last approximately 15 minutes. It is essential to provide appropriate technical are then handed over to the relevant university or college.