Polish Erasmus for Ukraine

One hundred scholarships for Ukrainians living in areas of military operations later this year and additional four hundred for Ukrainian students in 2015 – it is polish government’s offer to aid the students from Ukraine.

New scholarship program is built on a similar premise as Erasmus and Erasmus +, which allows you to complete a study in one of the countries of the European Union. A one year stay at the renowned Polish universities for 500 people is aimed to support the building of democratic institutions and social capital development in Ukraine. The program applies to invariably focused fields: management, European studies, economics, administration.

Scholarships are also addressed to graduate students from Ukraine. 50 persons entitled to take the third cycle, in the first place – college students working with Polish partners.

The cost of the program is more than 10.7 million zł. Polish Government funding will cover the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs in Polish universities and living expenses during the year-long stay in Poland.

The program is directed primarily at young people in areas now covered by military operations from Lugansk and Donetsk circuits and the Crimea. Already from the winter semester first hundred Ukrainian students (after the second year of undergraduate – bakalawriat) start a free study in Poland. 900 zł receive a scholarship for maintenance. From January 2015. Is to begin the next stage of the program: 400 students (after the second or fourth year of undergraduate studies) will be able to take in Poland at the undergraduate education and secondary education. These scholarships are targeted for residents throughout Ukraine, with the exception that priority will be given to applications from people from areas of hostilities, which lost livelihoods.

For recruitment to the program takes responsibility Ukrainian side. Detailed information – on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.