University of Wrocław

Admission documents:

  • Scan of matriculation certificate (atestat + appendix) and translation.
  • Scan of bachelor’s degree (bachelor’s degree + appendix) and translation (candidates to study secondary education).
  • Scan of foreign passport (page with photo and data).
  • Confirmation of registration in the IRK.
  • Application to the Rector for admission.
  • Application for dormitory.
  • Scan proof of enrollment fee (50 euros) *. Please ignore the printing fee in the amount of 85 PLN per individual account system IRK and make a payment of 50 euros to the subsequent account of Wrocław by 20 June 2014.
  • Certificate of Polish language (if the candidate has, and if issued by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language).
University of Wroclaw account:

1 Oddział we Wrocławiu
Rynek 9/11
50-950 Wrocław
78 1090 2398 0000 0001 2305 1020

* The enrollment fee (the fee for the procedure relating to the adoption to study charged by universities) – non-refundable fee per candidate binding studies (check). All candidates shall pay 50 euros. If you are accepted to college subsidize 150 euros.

When you arrive at the studio must be provided:

  • The original certificate of matriculation (atestat + supplement) with apostille and translation of the translations into Polish.
  • Original Bachelor degree (diploma bakaławra + supplement) with apostille and translation of the translations into Polish.
  • A medical certificate (086-у (о), without vaccination, and additional studies) and translation of the translations into Polish.
  • Recent photographs (electronic, 1 – printed), measuring 3.50 cm x 4.50 cm (head in the position of the left half-profile, with visible left ear, while maintaining uniform illumination of the face).